Professional Packers on How to Store Leather Furniture Without Ruining It

Furniture made of leather is durable when it’s well-kept. But if you’re not careful, your leather furniture won’t last long. And the same is true for when you’re storing leather furniture. It requires care and preparation before storing, or you could ruin the piece. Here are some tips from Cheap Movers Brooklyn – (347) 407-8987 -for storing furniture made of leather.

1. Climate Control

Leather needs a climate that remains constant. Extreme temperature changes will cause leather to crack, dry out, or shrink. You definitely don’t want that for your furniture.

The solution is to store leather furniture in a facility that has climate control. If you don’t, then you risk your furniture suffering damage related to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Many public storage facilities offer climate-controlled units. You can check to see which facilities in your area have this feature.

2. Clean the Leather and Let it Dry

If you’re pressed for time, then you can hire a professional furniture cleaner. At least that way, you’ll know your furniture is thoroughly cleaned. And you won’t have to worry if you’re doing it right or not. But if you’re trying to save a few bucks, you can clean the furniture yourself. Purchase some leather cleaner or make your own cleaner with vinegar and water.

Using a soft cloth, gently rub the leather in small circular motions. Using a clean cloth, thoroughly dry each section of furniture before proceeding to another part. Make sure the entire piece is dry before storing. Storing the furniture while its wet almost guarantees moisture damage.

3. Protect the Furniture

Use a cotton sheet or canvas cloth to protect the leather from dirt and dust. You’d be surprised at how dirty items get sitting in storage. And avoid covering the leather with plastic or any other non-breathable fabric. That can cause the leather to sweat, and the accumulated moisture will damage the furniture.

4. Keep Moisture Away

Moisture can get into a storage unit via the walls and floor. So when storing leather furniture, sit it slightly away from the wall. And sit the piece on a plastic tarp or wooden pallet to raise it above the floor. Also, avoid sitting or stacking heavy items on top of leather furniture.

5.Move Carefully

It’s easy to snag or rip leather on protruding objects. When moving the furniture, take care to avoid nails or sharp edges. And move carefully through doorways and stairways.

Storing Leather Furniture

The main concern when storing leather is keeping it dry. Moisture will ruin leather if it’s not immediately dried. And if your item is in storage, you’re not looking at it every day. That’s why preparing the furniture before storing is important. Make sure its protected from the elements, moisture, and is stored in a stable environment. If you follow these steps, then your leather furniture should do well in storage.

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